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Imagine that a digital document that you created gets a qualified electronic time stamp. A digital proof that the particular version of a document has existed at a particular time. We present Enigio time:stamp, an easy way to create a secure digital fingerprint and time stamp of your digital information. This can e.g. be used to prove copyright of your work, or to retrospectively prove the content of a document.


All types of files - documents, images, audio files - can get a digital fingerprint and a time stamp. The file´s unique fingerprint is tied to a specific time. With the help of mathematical formulas a proof is created that is independent of Enigio and that cannot be manipulated by anyone.

1. Fingerprint

An Enigio time:stamp does not in any way alter your document and it is never sent over the network to Enigio Time. Instead a unique digital fingerprint is created for your document and used as proof of existence.

2. time:stamp

The digital fingerprint is then sent to Enigio Times server where a secure time stamp is created. This time:stamp then becomes a proof that the document in question existed in exactly that form and at the specific moment, since no other file can generate the same unique digital fingerprint tied to that specific time.

3. Proof

The proof is generated by a mathematical fabric that binds the document's time stamp with a number of public reliable sources and published codes which thus makes it impossible to manipulate. Even for Enigio.

4. Verify

After a document has been time:stamped, it is easy to access the mathematical proof and verification of timestamps at our website. The proof can be retrieved at any time. It is also possible to copy the proof and use it with no further involvement of Enigio Time.

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