This is how Enigio
time:shot works

By using Enigio time:shot you can finally put your trust in photos again! Enigio time:shot offers the ability to take a photo and then prove that it was taken at a specific time, at a specific location and that the picture has not been tampered since. You can also easily share your time:shots, thus proving what really happened.


Enigio time:shot is based on Enigio time:stamp and uses similar technology in order to prove that a photo was taken at a certain point in time a certain place and that it hasn't been altered since. The picture is time:stamped and other important metadata is collected - GPS coordinates, device ID, photo direction and who took the time:shot.

1. Fingerprint

With Enigio time:shot the photo and its metadata is saved as usual in your camera-device. An Enigio time:shot does not in any way alter your photo and it is never sent over the network to Enigio Time (unless you actively choose to upload it to your Enigio account for safety). Instead a unique digital fingerprint is created from the photo and its metadata in the same way as for a time:stamp.

3. Proof

The proof is generated by a mathematical fabric that binds the specific time:shot with a number of public reliable sources and published codes which makes it impossible to manipulate.

2. time:stamp

The digital fingerprint is then sent to Enigio Times server where a secure time stamp is created. The time:shot thereafter serves as a proof. This is possible to prove due to the fact that only exactly that picture can generate the same unique digital fingerprint tied to that specific event created by the Enigio time:shot app at the exact moment of when the photo was created in the camera.

4. Verify

After a picture has been time:shot, it is easy to access the mathematical proof and verification of timestamps at our website. The proof can be retrieved at any time. It is also possible to copy the proof and use it with no further involvement of Enigio Time.

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