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Modern digital notary using Blockchain

The core vision for Enigio is to help in creating a world in which truth can prevail. From a technology point of view this has become a challenge as most information is born, updated and stored in a digital world where information in general can be manipulated without a trace.

We offer services for qualified time stamps. You might say that we are a modern digital notary service, a seal for documents of the twenty-first century. Enigio Time is your easy to use TSA (Time Stamping Authority) delivering a qualified timestamp adhering to the standards of new EU bylaw eIDAS.


Our time stamping can protect the integrity and traceability of all types of digital data such as archives, databases, text documents, images, audio files, movies etc.


By using Enigios services you choose a provider that provides independent, secure, irrefutable, time-resistant proof of digital information combined with cost-effective solutions.

Enigio time:stamp

Our qualified timestamp is built on our traceability platform Enigio time:beat which in turn is built on our blockchain technology innovations and distributed ledgers.

This means that we have the technology to prove, without a doubt and without the possibility to manipulate or backdating proofs; what happened, when it happened and in what order it happened. These proofs are "written in stone" and cannot be manipulated by anyone, not even by Enigio.

The Enigio time:stamp is a linked timestamp and blockchain solution built on standard designs and Enigio innovations.

Enigio time:stamp is not built on PKI and certificates, thus it will not expire and does not require the use of recursive timestamping to keep the timestamp valid. It adhers to the principals of ISO/IEC 18014-3 enhanced with our own patents (see Our Technology).

Enigio integrated time:stamp

Use Enigio Integrated time:stamp to obtain a continuous and integrated secure time-stamping of all transactions in your IT systems. The integration is built by using our simple API for web services based on JSON and HTTP/REST. 


Our fast and easy to use API will add traceability and data-centric security in no-time to your most important digital assets. Contact us to help you integrate your business systems and infrastructure with our fast services to save the integrity in time of everything that happens and changes in your IT-environment. Not only will you sleep better at night, your customers will too.

Enigio time:beat

Enigio patent in Sweden, approved world PCT application and US and EU patents pending.

To further secure the ”public ledger” in a linked scheme or block chain we introduce ”real world” events that have large consensus and cannot be predicted (see fig. 4, 5, 6).

We introduce other input streams to the block chain to secure time; like stock indices, sport results, headline news on top new papers, natural phenomena etc.

In this way we can add publications not insticated by Enigio. Like e.g. a football goal by Messi will be documented on hundreds of newspapers and webplaces.

Fig 1. Enigio time:beat is the traceability service on which other of our services are based.

Fig 2. The simplest form of a timestamp using one-way functions

Fig 3. Timestamps and timebeats (world events) are mathematically linked into a chain that cannot be broken

Fig 4. A negative and a positive time:stamp creates the reference points within which time-interval a document must have  been created and existed.

Fig 5. (concept illustration, not an exact technical image ) The ledger is made visible in plain sight and referenced both by digital world and physical world references.

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By selecting send you consent to Enigio Privacy Policy.

Fig 6. (concept illustration, not an exact technical image ) Hashes from digital data and other real world references are aggregated and added into the block-chained ledger and top hashes are published and linked into the start of the next block.


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