1. re-inventing the 'document' for 21st century trade finance

This whitepaper discusses the benefits of using digital documents in trade finance. Enigio has created a new type of digital document, trace:original, where a copy can be distinguished from the original and ownership can be proven the last hurdles of using digital documents have now been removed. Using trace:original, all documents can now be presented digitally under a Letter of Credit and still adhere to the UCP 600 for example. The whitepaper also points out the benefits of using digital documents as opposed to exchanging data extracts on a platform. Current laws and regulations usually covers the handling and usage of documents and not electronic representations and digital tokens.

2. digital original documents - negotiable payment instruments and documents of title

This whitepaper focuses on the digitalisation of payment instruments and documents of title specifically and what that means for financing of trade. The Enigio invention, trace:original, has now made it possible to digitalise these payment instruments which means that the whole forfaiting market can now go digital with all the benefits that creates: efficient and transparent secondary market, operational speed and accuracy, fraud safe, compliance etc.