This is how Enigio integrated time:stamp works

Use Enigio Integrated time:stamp to obtain a continuous and integrated secure time-stamping of all transactions in your IT systems. The integration is built by using our simple API for web services based on JSON and HTTP/REST. 


Our fast and easy to use API will add traceability and data-centric security in no-time to your most important digital assets. Contact us to help you integrate your business systems and infrastructure with our fast services to save the integrity in time of everything that happens and changes in your IT-environment. Not only will you sleep better at night, your customers will too.

1. Fingerprint

An Enigio time:stamp does not in any way alter your document and it is never sent over the network to Enigio Time. Instead a unique digital fingerprint is created for your document and used as proof of existence.

3. Proof

The proof is generated by a mathematical fabric that binds the document's time stamp with a number of public reliable sources and published codes which thus makes it impossible to manipulate.

2. time:stamp

The digital fingerprint is then sent to Enigio Times server where a secure time stamp is created. This time:stamp then becomes a proof that the document in question existed in exactly that form and at the specific moment, since no other file can generate the same unique digital fingerprint tied to that specific time.

4. Verify

After a document has been time:stamped, it is easy to access the mathematical proof and verification of timestamps at our website. The proof can be retrieved at any time. It is also possible to copy the proof and use it with no further involvement of Enigio Time.

(free of charge for private use)