Straightforward Archiving

Enigio and long term preservation


Use e:archiver to easily archive your files in a future proof format, with powerful metadata handling and search options.

  • Transfer from physical/digital media to digital media

  • Start your digitalisation in e:archiver and prepare for other e-archives

  • Intermediary archive or final storage

  • Closing of business systems to save data

  • Modern user interface which is intuitive and easy to use

  • "Pay as you grow" monthly or yearly fee depending on archive size

  • Easy to start using, easy to stop using, affordable

  • Possibility to export to other e-archives according to standards

  • Delivered as a cloud service or locally installed


Functionality and features

  • Automatically prepare, load, organise and convert data to an archive-secure standardised format (PDF/A)

  • Pattern rules can be created to detect and assign metadata on load 

  • Default metadata schema is Dublin Core

  • Text from scanned documents and pictures (OCR) with free text search

  • Manually handle process if needed

  • In ”To process”-mode user can effectively update multiple records

  • Records are stored both as originals and as converted

  • REST API exists for automatically transfer records to e:Archiver

Enigio´s background in e-archiving

At Enigio we have digitalisation, long-term preservation of digital data and e-archive systems in our DNA.


We see the integration between new technology like blockchain solutions and record-keeping as an important development within e-archives and the integrity of long-term storage solutions. This is why we are confident it is natural that our cloud storage solution e:archiver is directly integrated with our blockchain solution for traceability and timestamps; Enigio time:beat.


Thus, when using our cloud based service Enigio e:archiver, you will get irrefutable integrity included in the service.


Part of our team came as a spin-off from the e-archive team at Swedish firm Signifikant AB when Enigio was founded 2012. At Signifikant these engineers (now our colleagues) participated in developing, enhancing and maintaining one of the most used e-archive platforms in Sweden; called OEF R7 (Open e-archive framework).

OEF R7 is among others used as base for e-archive systems for around 12 Regional County archives in Sweden storing medical records. ​The biggest today storing more than 120 million medical records (statistic from 2015).


Enigio Time today has the rights to the OEF R7 source code but is currently not selling it. Instead we focus on creating and developing our new, simpler and easy to use, cloud service e:archiver. It is lighter, less complex, modern and easy to start with. It is also easy to export your data to a new system instead; this possibility is built in from start.

Enigio Time is also as the only Swedish company, member of the InterPARES Trust-network for research in long-term preservation.

Fig 1. Source data packages (SIP Submission Information Packages) can be loaded manually by GUI or via integration with REST API.

Fig 2. Overview of flow and storage layers within the e:archiver cloud service.

Fig 3. Abstraction of how source packages and original, converted records are stored within the e:archiver cloud service.

Fig 4. When searching for specific records extensive search and filter possibilities exist including free-text search with suggestions.

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