Enigio Time AB is an innovation company founded in Stockholm 2012.
We are a team consisting of senior developers, researchers and experienced business enablers. All with long history in the financial tech as well as archival science and tech. We are passionate about providing solutions enabling secure and available digital data in more digitized business processes.

Enigio is proud to be named a Gartner Cool Vendor 

The Challenge

Our world manages enormous amounts of digital data that is in a constant process of creation and change.

Digital information is easy to manipulate and it becomes increasingly harder to judge what is true and what really happened.

Our Mission

To offer innovative solutions to ensure consistency, integrity and traceability of digital information in time. Making data available only to those that should have access and protecting it from manipulation. Create independent proof that cannot be manipulated showing what happened, when and in what order

Our Technology

Our solutions are built on blockchain technology and the principles of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

At the same time as we invent new solutions we adhere to technology standards if they exist (as we are frontrunners that is sometimes not possible). We have approved patents in Sweden and in USA and four approved world PCT patents now pending in Sweden, US and EU.


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Our Team

Göran Almgren

M.Sc. Computer Science and Engineering. 20+ years within IT, exchange technology and banking systems. Long experience within sales, project management and executive management roles. Has managed several major implementation projects of banking systems.

Hans Almgren

Inventor and full stack software developer. M.Sc. Industrial Engineering/Computer Science. Extensive e-Archive experience.

Mats Stengård

M.Sc. Computer Science and Engineering. 20+ years within IT, product development and management. Expert knowledge with regards to blockchain, qualified electronic time-stamping, e-Archives and digitalisation. Experience from multiple sectors like financial, retail and government.

Lars Hansén
Client Execuive

B.Sc. Business & Administration. Extensive professional experience as Chief Risk Officer and various positions as CEO in IT and finance companies.

Gunnar Collin
Client Executive

Gunnar is a senior operations professional with long and extensive experience from the financial sector in different organisations, geographies and cultural settings.

Christian Hanna
Software Engineer

B.Sc. Computer Science. Software Engineer with experience from the banking and financial sector. Has a deep interest in blockchain and distributed ledger technology.

Nikita Lark
Front-end Lead

M.Sc. Computer Science. Full-stack Developer and Solution Architect with 10+ years of experience in the insurance and financial sector. Passionate about the blockchain technology.

Krisztian Mangold
Full-stack Developer

B.Sc. Computer Science, dedicated full stack developer and solution architect.

Filip Fjellstedt
Front-end Developer

Bachelor's degree in informatics, the design of informations systems from Lund university. Has a passion for design and is a dedicated front-end developer.

Fredrik Waern

M.Sc. Electrical Engineering. 25+ years within IT, product development and management. Experience from multiple sectors like telecom and healthcare.

Hrvoje Stancic

PhD, Full professor 20+ years of experience as a researcher in the field of digitisation and digital preservation as well as teaching information and archival science. Author of 80+ scientific publications. President of the Croatian ISO/TC 307 mirror committee on blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.

Maria Holmberg
Senior Developer

B.Sc. System Analysis. Software developer and consultant with +15 years experience of Java development. Extensive e-Archive experience.