re:creating trust in a digital world

We offer solutions that ensure integrity and traceability of all your information to enable true and complete digital processes. 

Providing Proof of the Truth

Enigio is proud to be named a Gartner Cool Vendor 

Our Solutions

Enigio is proud to support the ITFA Digital Negotiable Instruments initiative (DNI)


Replacing Paper Originals

A new invention (patented) to create and handle authoritative digital original documents, where legal rights described therein and control of the one original lies with the current holder.

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Proving Data Integrity

Our patented timestamp solution provides independent proof of integrity for all types of digital data. Use it for documents, photos, transactions, logs and more. Based on blockchain technology.

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Straightforward Archiving

Easy to start, smart ingest and powerful search engine. Export according to standards. "Pay as you grow" model. Cloud-based (default) and integrated with time:beat for integrity.

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